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Hello, Welcome to the Contact and Members Support Web Page. Please note the options to select from when contacting us. Make sure you select the option that best suits your situation so there will not be any delay in attending to your issue. At this time, due to the small size of the web site and staff we do not offer a telephone support number except for matters concerning Billing. This will change in the coming months as this web site's membership grows. If you need to speak directly to any owner or operator of this web site please state your reason and always include your phone number and best times to reach you. Someone will contact you as soon as humanly possible.

If you are reporting another member for abuse of the web site, its rules, TOS, or Code Of Ethics please clearly state the user name of the member you are reporting and make sure to spell and captilize all letters where needed since User Names are case sensitive. Please note we do not keep chat logs or instant messaging logs so we can really only investigate issues that stem from email or on the message boards of the site. Yet we do keep records of members who are reported and what they were reported for. Action will be taken if they are repeatedly reported for the same or similar violations, so it never ever hurts to report offending parites.

Foriegn Nationals Seeking Membership Information! You must include the country you live / reside in. You must include your level of income and what you are able to compensate a Sugar Baby Per Month, Not Per Visit! You must include the city or cities you visit when in the United States or Canada and how long and how often your normal visit and stay is. We also need to know your age and occupation, meaning what you for work or how your income is provided.

Attention Members Of The Press, Bloggers, Or Anyone Using Online Or Electronic Media Interested In Writing Or Reporting About Serious Sugar Daddies! You must state the country you are from, direct links to several articles you have writeen or your Blogs web site address. If you have actually been published in print what dates and issues, and names of publications you have been published in. Members of the Press from Television, Radio or other electronic media must include the company you represent. You Must Provide an email address, phone number and best times to reach you. You must be able to prove who you are, and or what company you represent upon request by us. Without this information any and all requests will be denied.

Billing Issues Or To Cancel Your Membership: Please do not contact us Via this contact page with any Issues Related To Billing. I have hired an outside billing service to handle such matters for me, and for which I can not assist you with. Please visit the visit the following web site cancel your membership right online, or call the number below for any other billing Issues. Please be advised that all Membership Fees are Non Refundable. If it has been other wise stated by this site concerning you may be entitled to a Refund Then Please use the form below to contact us to asists you. Otherwise, for membership cancelations or other billing issues Please, Only contact our billing services company below.

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For Assistance with a non related Billing Issue please call Phone Number: 1.888.736.6475

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