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Serious Sugar Daddies' Basic Guide To Writing An Effective Profile

Hello Again,

Here we going to briefly cover what it takes to write an effective profile. Our Exclusive Members have access to more detailed guides on this and other topics inside the members area. Yet this basic guide will assist you in writing a better profile designed to attract, and entice more of the types of people you desire to meet and to contact you. Just remember there are always losers online and they will try and make contact with you reguardless of what your profiles says, so lets start with my first rule. John's First Rule is: Stick to the point! Or one could say the topic at hand! Which is you!

Though designed more for this web site and others like it, it will certainly help you on other sites. All you need to do is stick to the basics of the rules on other web sites and just leave out what may only apply to this site. So you can effectively use this basic guide anywhere online if you are looking to meet others. This includes regular dating sites.

From Social Networking web sites to Dating Sites, or sites like this one that are designed to be a bit of both there is a common thread that connects them. The one things they all have in common is that they all have user / member profiles and you need to create one when joining. Consider a profile to be a lot like trying to making a good first impression in real life. This is especially true on a dating site. Another thing they all have in common when you create your profile is an " About Me " section where you are expected to tell people about yourself. So lets start there.

Since this is a Social Networking site as well as Personals / Dating site to a degree we will focus on this aspect when talking about the " About Me " section of a profile before moving on. When writing your " About Me " section refer to Rule 1: which as I said is " Stick to the point! Or one could say the topic at hand! Which is you!"; but there is a bit more to it then this. Remember, aside from your photos, which you should always post recent, good, clear, larger photos of " yourself "; the about me section is also part of making a good first impression online. The language and tone of your personal ad can mean the difference between a successful dating experience and a series of missed connections. Whether you're writing a personal ad for a printed publication or the Internet, it's important to be honest and upbeat, and to try to make your personality come through in your words. You don't have to be a great writer but you do need to take care and avoid spelling mistakes and missed words. One very important matter is you should never ever use Text Message Shorthand such as " I am a G8 person "since it makes you look uneducated or just plain lazy. Next never ever use a series of lower case and capital letters " LIkE ThIS " which makes you look like a thug or gangster and is something the young Old School Hackers used to do. Its not cool, in fact its annoying! Always use the correct combination of upper and lower cases letters just as you would when writing a work resume and never in " all " lower case or capital letters? Which leads me to another point! Proofread your ad before you post it. Think of your personal ad like a job application, espeically on a site like this. Make sure that your profile shows the best of what you have to offer. Ads filled with typos and confusing sentences will lower your response rate.

Aside from my Rule 1: there are 6 basic rules for writing a good " About Me " section.

Important Note! On this web site do not write about the type of Arrangement / Relationship you are looking for when filling out your " About Me " section since we provide a special area to discuss this. On other web sites you will most likely want to include this information in the area that lets you discuss what type of person or persons you are looking to meet.

2.) Rule number 2 is an Important Rule, as well as the longest one concerning your " About Me " section. Use positive language. Effective personal ads are upbeat and display an optimistic attitude. Avoid self-deprecating language or speaking negatively about past dating experiences. No one wants to hear about your past experiences good or bad and this sort of thing can be discussed in person after you have been dating a while or if asked. So save it for real life. Futhermore no one wants to hear how bad your life is, and on a site like this saying " You Need Help" and this is what brings you here is a major No No! Its like throwing a starving dog a bone and makes you a target! Lets be real, people know times are tough, people are struggling, especially you women. Though not limted to, yet Especially the men out there, don't brag on a site like this one or any site! Men, the women are here because they know you have money, at least to some degree, so don't talk about how many cars you own or how big your house or estate is, nor the fact that you have a private jet. They would rather see such things in person in time because talk is cheap. Both Sexes Just Stick To The Positive Things And What Makes You, You! If you have or are getting an education let people know as well! Remember, No Negatives, Only Positive Things! You have to stand out from the crowd, advertise your finer points, your best qualities and leave anything that even hints of drama out of it! If you have 6 children, sorry TMI, which means " To Much Information ". You simply state you are loving mother with children at home. Let them ask for the details. Do you have 6 dogs and 4 cats? No, you are an animal lover and pet owner. Unless you have 1 or just a few days a month to devote to someone which needs to be stated, you simply state you have limited time to devote right now. Let them ask how often you are available. Getting the point? I hope so. The point is to get them interested in you first and then taking it from there and let certain important facts our slowly and not all at once so you don't scare them off. But don't lie to do so, which brings me to John's Rule Number 3!

3.) One very important matter is " Always Be Honest! "; believe me honesty really will work in your favor. Be truthful in your description of yourself. Your dates will eventually find out details about you, so being truthful from the beginning will save both yourself and prospective dates time and frustration. And on a site like this one especially it could come out that you are a liar or weren't completely honest with someone.

4.) Use tasteful humor. Jokes can show that you are friendly and approachable. Just make sure that they are not crude or offensive. Well if you really do tend to be crude or offensive I guess its better not to hide it and just be yourself otherwise you are just not being who you truly are. If you are such a person, " crude or offensive "; you really need to work on that you know? :)

5.) Avoid saying things like " please don't send me a one line message or I will delete you ", or " this isn't this or that type of web site ". Avoid saying things like " don't bring up sex in your first few messages to me"; anyone serious shouldn't do so anyhow. There is a very good reason we don't write such things or anything like it, and simply put it, is because you are wasting your time and energy writing them. The same people say you don't want contacting will still contact you because they just looked at your photos and never read your profile in most cases. There is that reason and well it also just makes you look more unapproachable or uptight which is something you want to seriously avoid. Online, as a rule of thumb, no matter what you write asking people not to do when contacting you, well there is always those who will do it anyhow. Don't waste your time writing such statements, it just places you in a somewhat bad light, trust me on this. This is what delete is for, and why we block certain members who do such things we don't care for. :)

6.) Let people know what type of person you are so they know what to expect and how to approach you when making contacting with you. Or when meeting you in person. So always express something about your personality in your profile. Its ok to let people you are shy at first yet warm up fast around the right person or persons, yet saying things like " I can be a bit guarded until I know you " sounds a little negative if you think about it. Its almost like saying you have some walls built up around you. Are you actually considered funny / humorous? Are you really easy going, a homebody or more the party type, are you very active and can't sit still for to long? Are you a hopless romantic or simply a romantic? These things lead me to my next basic rule, Interests.

7.) You should always give people some idea of what types of books, movies, music, or even television you are into or are you more a person that reads a lot? Try to avoid politics unless you are hardcore. Do you like or love animals? Into saving the environment or helping others? Do you have any passions or do volunteer / charity work? What activities do you enjoy? What do you like to do when at home or out and about? What interests you and what do you do for fun? Let people know, you have to, it gives them an idea of what you may have in common with each other as do some of the other rules. Moving on, there is always a section, well more so on Dating sites then Social Networks, anyhow there is always a section that asks you who you would like to meet, or " Who I Am Interested In Meeting ". Once more I have to state when you are starting with a section like this refer to my Rule Number 1! Lets cover 3 things here and we will move on to the next topic.

Important Note! On this web site do not write about the type of Arrangement / Relationship you are looking for when filling out your " About Me " or " Who I Am Interested In Meeting " sections since we provide a special area to discuss this. On other web sites you will most likely want to include this information in this area that lets you discuss what type of person you are looking to meet.

8.) We all have some basic idea of the type of person or persons we are interested in meeting. But if you stick to a description of the perfect person we are setting ourselves up for almost certain failure since they most likely don't exist anyway. Remember in any relationship, including friendships and even working relationships we need to understand what the word compromise means and be willing to do so if it is going to work. And lets face it there are some things " we won't just settle on " nor should we! So take a few minutes think about it, what types of people are you really attracted to or interested in meeting? What types of people would we be willing to become a friend and even lover to? Perhaps even life partner? And sorry simply writing " I will know or him or her I see them " will not cut it. So never write something like this. Think about it before trying to write a profile.

9.) Yes it is perfectly fine to talk about what we are looking for Physically Speaking as long as you don't go overboard. If you have Only Ever Dated Or Been Attracted To say " tall, dark and handsome " or " Petite, Doe Eyed Blondes " and never ever any other type then say so, The same goes for what races you are or aren't open to but never come across as a racist! This saves people time if they look nothing like the " Only Type " of people you are attracted to. Yet if you are open to other types Physically Speaking then don't say anything like " I usually go for dark hair and blue eyes "; since Usually means " Not Always ", and you are in fact open to other types of people. Never say " I don't fat people ", or " If you are over weight don't write me ", its just rude. Instead write something classy that gets the point across, such as, " Sorry but I am only attracted to those who are height, weight, proportionate "; or as they say online " HWP " for short. Or better yet write something like " Sorry, and not to offend anyone, I am really only interested in meeting people who are height, weight, proportionate. ". Just remember in talking about the type of person you would be Physically Interested in always try use as much tact and taste as you can since it will show others you are polite! Look carefully at how I phrased my second example. It gets the point across well, is very polite, and there should be no need to make further mention of it. Myself, I tend to be a little bold and honest, I myself will only date a woman with very nice, though preferably great legs and I place it my online profiles. I am a complete eyes and legs man and say so. Some women don't date bald or balding men, or men with facial hair. I get it, if it is " a total deal breaker " let others know, just be careful how you put things since how you say it says a lot about you. On this site there is a Deal Breakers section so save any deal breakers for it and don't place them in the Who I Would Like To Meet section.

10.) Again we are going to mention personality. Is the person you are looking for very active / upbeat or more easy going, perhaps a homebody? Humorous? Kind? Gentle? Passionate? Romantic? A Sexual Beast? So they share some or all of your own interests? Personality wise in a person what are you looking for or attracts you to someone.

Since we are a little different, being an Exclusive web site we have a couple other areas people must fill out, but if you read carefully you can see where you can slip what we are talking about into a regular Social Network or Dating Profile Sections. Though when doing so it should mainly be in the type of person you are looking for section if it has one. These are simple and easy to follow.

Deal Breakers:
On this site when filling out your application to become a member there is a short section called Deal Breakers. Most of us have them right? On a site like this some men or women may not be at all interested someone who has children living at home, or anyone who drinks to much. Many people don't want to date a person who smoke cigarettes but is fine with someone who has the occasional cigar so this is one point that needs to be made clear when it comes to smokers. Of course drug use is a big deal but if you are fine with someone who is 420 Friendly say so. For those who don't know what 420 Friendly means its someone who may smoke marijuana occasionally or on a regular basis. The thing is, if it is an actual deal breaker and you can't or won't date someone who has or does something let them know. Just remember as one of the rules, be polite and classy in how you state your deal breakers and stick to the point and nothing else!

Arrangement / Relationship Objectives:
On this web site we have a section which allows its members to express in more detail what type of arrangement they are looking for and as well what types of relationships they are open to having once an arrangement has been reached with someone. This section has been added here because it is not only needed, but is based on more then a decade of research concerning relationships and dating sites of all kinds. Lets face it, helps to know what each other is looking for and expects right? On sites like this one it is especially useful and muct be filled out when applying to become a member.

When writing about your Arrangement / Relationship Objectives you should be clear, and as well keep an open mind. One thing is certain Always Have Reasonable Expectations! Never Make Anything A Demand, yet certain, " Select " requirements are fine for the most part within reason. Remember your Expecations and what you Desire from this sort of Arrangement / Relationship and these should be within certain parameters based on what you are willing to offer in exchange for them. Here are a few examples you really need to read, both men and women since it will help you both out. Lets say a woman is ONLY LOOKING BE Arm Candy and Platonic Friends, can you really expect someone to buy you a new car or other big ticket items in exchange for this type of arrangement? No, and most likely she will never be offered or given such. Its crazy unless the person they are with is also crazy or does so just to put pressure on her later for other things. Things which aren't what she was looking for such as sex. Big ticket items, like cars, condos, rent, and other items are reserved for Long Term Lovers in most cases. Now perhaps you can get " Some Help " with getting such things if you are Only Arm Candy and or Platonic Friends, but should things suddendly end expect to be the one paying them off or carrying the lease.

Of course never sell yourself short. Nor try to oversell yourself to someone. And never offer or ask for more then you are actually willing to offer or give in return! Trying to find some balanace is key! Now Ms. Arm Candy may get some help with bills concerning school / college, perhaps with rent, but she should really expect things more in the area of nice dinners, perhaps being a travel companion, some shopping sprees that don't break the bank, and even her upkeep such as spa days or help with Mani Pedis. These are examples of much more realistic expectations and are they not given the nature of the relationship, and the arrangement should be agreed to in this manner right?? Anyone with any real common sense has to agree with me here or so I would hope.

Guys, don't lie to a woman in hopes of getting in her pants. Most women are far smarter then you think. You don't say I am willing to give a woman like Ms. Arm Candy a new car or put her up in a condo because 99.99 percent of the time we all know, other men and women, that is just a lie to try and lure someone into a possible dating nightmare and you later try and pull the sexual bait and switch routine. This means only state what you are willing to offer and can actually give them in return based on what is expected of them in any given Arrangement / Relationship. Such as " If I enter into an Arrangement with Ms. Arm Candy I will can offer her nice dinners, occasional shopping sprees and we can discuss other small matters to help her out. Now if I happen to find a Mistress / Lover, which is what I am really looking for then I am open to helping or paying for such things like her rent and living expenses as defined and agreed to, perhaps a good used or new car if needed and much more based on mutual needs and desires and length of desired relationship. "

Man or woman, state right from the start on your profile " IN THE PROPER SECTION! " some basic idea of what you can offer and expect and as the relationship progresses will things, for lack of a better term, will they increase, can more be expected or asked for? Men can you honestly expect a woman to jump in bed with you on a first or second date if you just wined and dined her at the best place in town and showed up in a limousine? Perhaps if you are lucky and trap someone who is young and naive, or with someone who has never been romanced before. But not a real woman, she is smart enough to know better and knows her affections are worth more. Women can you expect rent money or a shopping spree just because you went on a date or two? The thing is letting nature take its course even in an arrangement like this. And if you aren't willing to provide certain things until such time that the deal is actually consummated, or proven to you then you need to state it. But men especially have to make an extra effort, and not just on a first or second, even third meeting, especially if you are looking to get physical with someone and desire a physical relationship. What I am saying to you men is be a man, show her you are worthy of her attentions and affections and you will reap the more sensual rewards you desire. Talk is cheap while actions tell it all!

Please note that very few Ms. Arm Candy types will be accepted as members here unless you are to die for beautiful and have written a killer profile because in all honesty " Most Men " just aren't looking for Arm Candy. They are in fact looking for at least some form of physical relationship whether it leads to actual sex or not. I hate to break to you but I do have to be honest right? I just don't want to give anyone false hope in what they can expect from being on any type of site likes this.

I'll conclude this here and close and wish you all the best of luck leaving you with one last Rule. Photos! Always post larger, clear photos that when combined show your face and body type so as not to mislead anyone. Men, don't post nude or shirtless photos, women actually hate them. As well, man or women never post only cam photos or photos you took of yourself in the mirror with a camera in hand so always have 4 to 6 good photos that aren't those kind. If you only post those types of photos, and not good ones, it looks as if you stole them somewhere online and your profile may come across as fake. It can also say you are simply lazy and not taking this seriously if you don't have good photos so make an effort because as they a picture is worth more then a thousand words. I tell people to avoid such profiles with no, or few, or cam / phone type photos as a warning. Make sure they are recent and keep them updated espeiclally if you cut or change hair color or men you grow or shave off facial hair. Seriously, try to avoid posting photos of yourself with other people in them as well, they may just look better then you or may lead a man to believe he can't meet your standards if taken with a good looking guy no matter who you claim he is. Though men it may be helpful at times to you if you post " one or two " with a nice lady on your arm. And this concludes my little Basic Guide and Rules for writing an effective profile. Once more, best of luck to you all and I hope this guide helps you.

Be well,
AKA: TheMasterRogue

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